Things flying in all directions. Strange sounds and live electronic music. Experimental circus show made for all audiences!

This one-man band/circus show/technician/producer interactive piece explores the deep connection between movement, music and circus techniques in a lighthearted manner.

The DIY props are all designed in a way, that they can in one way or another produce or reproduce sounds, which are then processed and sampled via central computer. Therefore movement becomes a way to compose music, which then again influences new movements and so on and on and on and on,…

The audience has a chance to participate in the music creation during the show. This contributes to demystifying electronic music production by making it causally interconnected with simple movements. In this way everyone can be a musician at least for short while, no matter their background and prior experience.

An ordinary, disassembled piano whose strings will be played by the air
rope itself, through th means of classical and experimental manipulation
of the mover. The author will explore the interaction with the prepared
piano, or its main part – strings, and classical acrobatics on aerial rope.
Everything in this world is interconnected and co-influences and co-exists
with each other.

This piece is finding inspiration from author’s personal experiences living in a nuclear rural family, setting it in a broader cultural context of a modern patriarchal and capitalist social structure.

No hay-ters allowed!

In a consumerist society, where one is surrounded by an abundance of things, what value still remains? NOise Cirkus, an improvised musical and circus project is an ode to the objects who lost their purpose. The artists are exploring the limits of circus through Noise, ephemeral sculpture, object re-appropriation and creating their own unique language of beauty in chaos.

“We juggle, we sing, we good …What more do you want?!!”

Juggling concert is a juggling show with our own original music and lyrics. It formally relates to the structure and performance of teenage singing groups or bands and transposes them into the framework of a circus or juggling show. However, this girl/boyband has missed their chance for fame.