An ordinary, disassembled piano whose strings will be played by the air
rope itself, through th means of classical and experimental manipulation
of the mover. The author will explore the interaction with the prepared
piano, or its main part – strings, and classical acrobatics on aerial rope.
Everything in this world is interconnected and co-influences and co-exists
with each other.

Throughout the years, the author has been influenced by various artists, which contributed to the development of her personal poetics. In this work, she wants to go deeper and pay tribute to the five aerial rope artists: Gabriel Tramulais, Una Bennet, Alex Allan, Alexa Schonengeld and Branko Potočan. She will work with the material she learned on trainings with them and with their style of movement. You will be able to see four ‘movements’ (stavak) of the “Etude for prepared piano and rope” which she is still developing Her movement will be interpreted by direct interaction with the prepared piano. In this way, her movements will flow into the sound and back into the movement and interact with the audience. Most things in life are unpredictable. The show will thus leave an open window for random sounds and random movements in interaction with each other. The movement will be converted into a rope wave, and this will turn into a sound wave of various frequencies and amplitudes.

Concept, choreography, music and movement: Zajc Danijela

Help with directing: Jaka Andrej Vojevec

Acknowledgments: Tjaž Juvan, Eva Zibler in Enja Emeršič