Contemporary circus performance

23. 11., 20.00h
24.11., 20.00 h

The liminal state is a state of transition, a state of uncertainty that we are all experiencing more strongly in times of difficult trials of life. We experience the liminal state as individuals in periods of personal crises, during social rituals, but also when watching a show or performance. To some extent, we are almost constantly in a state of crisis, uncertainty, and even more so during the new coronavirus pandemic. The instability characteristic of the path across the threshold is accompanied by the destabilization of “perception of the world, ourselves, and others but also shatters the rules and norms […] of the one who can cross it, transform it” (Erika Fischer-Lichte). The performance Threshold is the second part of a confessional trilogy entitled Niti PraGozd, which began with the author’s first performance Niti (2019). It deals with personal crises or transitional states that have left a strong mark on the author and have also transformed her to an extent.

tickets: https://www.bunker.si/events/danijela-zajc-prag-premiera/

Concept, performance: Danijela Zajc
Choreography: Tjaž Juvan, Danijela Zajc
Assistant to the director: Jaka Andrej Vojevec
Original music: Tjaž Juvan, Urška Preis
Video mapping: Urša Rahne
Costume design and scenography advice: Katarina Zalar
Lighting design: Žan Rantaša
Leaflet design: Nevena Aleksovski
Technician: Martin Lovšin

Production: Danijela Zajc
Co-production: Vitkar Institute, Mismo Nismo Association, Matafir Association
Partner: Bunker – Old Power Station
Financial support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia