Juggling movement and object manipulation

The workshops are intended for anyone who has the desire to expand or deepen their performative vocabulary. Although the workshops are largely based on juggling and object manipulation they are intended for both juggling experts and beginners. They are focused on artists who are interested in contemporary performative practices and wish to expand their knowledge, as well as those who are still thinking of doing their first steps into this wonderful world.

Beograd KC Magacin 2020

Workshops normally follow an intensive schedule of full or half day workshops spanning around 5 or 6 days (be it one working week or two consecutive weekends).

The basic ideas are the exploration of movement through the object and the exploration of the circus manipulation of the objects themselves. Part of the workshops is focused on exploring movement with one or more juggling balls. The ball, as a neutral object for manipulation, due to its simple shape allows for deepening in the relationship between the body and the object. In the other part we will work on the technical aspect of juggling; learned new tricks andvarious technical exercises that will help deepen your understanding of movement and juggling principles.

There is also a possibility to work with non-circus related objects that are brought by the participants themselves and with which they would like to develop their own work / production. This kind of work is based on the use of the participant’s already existing knowledge and the connection of this knowledge with the methods members of Mismo Nismo developed for working with ordinary objects.