Rider – Music table

Show duration: 30 minutes


– show can be performed outdoors or indoors. On a stage or any other flat surface

– it can be performed completely without the need for electricity if it’s hard to provide connection to the electrical grid.

-the equipment can run on batteries.

– this needs to be decided in advance before the performer starts his tournée


– 7x7m non-inclined flat floor with a uniform surface (not on grass, dirt, pebbles, etc.)

– height at least 3,5 meters, optimal 5 meters

– preferably not close to any roads, traffic or transport routes

– not close to fountains or sources of water that can spread droplets to the equipment

– cannot be performed under rain no matter the intensity

-wet floor is okay as long as there are no puddles in the performing space

equipment that comes with the show:

– table 1,5x1m

-wooden plank 1,5x1m

-2 chairs

-3 clubs and one ball with sensors inside

– computer

– audio interface

– possible to provide PA speakers as well, but needs to be arranged in advanced and there is a possibility of higher transport costs

Equipment needed:

– 2 PA speakers with a frequency response from 40-20000hz

– balanced audio cables that connect my audio interface to PA system:

one of this 3 options:

-2x balanced 6,3mm jack cables or

– 2x balanced 6,3mm jack to xlr cables

– 2x mono jack 6,3mm -> 2 D.I. boxes → 2x xlr cables

– extension cord for electricity on the performing space (possible to do the show also without electricity if decided in advance)


– show lasts 30 minutes

– the show needs cca 30 minutes to setup, but it’s necessary to do the sound check before

– the show need 30 minutes to clear and leave the performing space

– soundcheck:

– if everything is connected already, sound check lasts around 30 minutes

– if there are more repetitions of the show in the same day but not directly one after the other every next sound check will last around 10 minutes

– if the repetitions of the show are in different locations and using different equipment (PA system) the soundcheck will need to last 30 minutes

– battery life:

– some equipment runs on batteries and needs to be charged.

– If there are more than 2 repetitions of the show. Or the equipment for some reason need to be turned on for more than 1 hour (for example; waiting for the show to start) there needs to be a break before the next show that last around between 40 minutes and 1,5 hours.

– maximum of 4 shows can be performed in one day. But not directly on after another.

Special conditions for indoors:

– adequate light needs to be provided

– if performed on stage one light technician needs to be present during the setup and during the show

– a more specific discussion needs to be had with the technical team in advance, to determine

How the lights will be set.

– if technician cannot be present during the setup and during the show, there is a possibility that one technician comes with the show, but this as well needs to be decided in advance


– performer needs to have some drinking water on or close to the performing space

– if anybody reads this to the end, I will bring them a present from Slovenia

– if there is food provided b the organizer, than the performer kindly asks that it be vegetarian food

– access to a toilet

For all questions and comments contact me on mail: tjaz.juvan@gmail.com or on my phone or whatsapp (Tjaž): +38640622160